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The Life of Tucker the RAGDOLL Kitten & His Friends

The Onion Roll

It was Saturday morning and I truly had slept in as long as I could. Everyone was still asleep, so I quietly headed to the room where EVERY cat should go first thing in the morning! The Kitchen! And there it was, so shiny and round. I didn't know ONIONS weren't for playing! It truly looked like a ball to me so I tested it out! It was awesome! I decided to move out of the kitchen to a bigger playing field. You would not believe how far this ball (I mean onion) would go! I rolled it all the way from the back door to the front. JUST when I was getting really good, my Mom Human came down the stairs. I cannot say she was smiling...… As I took a look around, onion peel was everywhere. Who knew that an onion would lose it's peel every time it rolled around! Needless to say, I was in BIG trouble! AGAIN! ugh...

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