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Alaska is our male Flame Point Ragdoll who is very calm and loving. He often thinks of himself as a human and you will typically find him at the center of attention. Alaska loves to be held like a baby and will eat just about anything! He is VERY nurturing, especially for a male. 



Coco is a Seal Point Ragdoll. You never know where she is hiding.  She is also the "mothering" type and will notice if anyone in the family is sick or not themselves. She will lay next to you until you are feeling yourself again.  Coco loves to be pregnant and she loves to sleep. Luckily those go hand in hand. 


Daphne is a beautiful Blue Point Ragdoll  whose fur feels like a bunny. She is playful and sweet and loves sitting in the window watching birds. She is the newest addition to our cattery,

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