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About Us

Sweet As Candi Ragdolls

Hi! I'm Candi and I have recently moved from Texas to Southern California where I was raised!  It's easy to see how falling in love with a Ragdoll cat can happen. They are such loving and docile creatures. On my site you will find helpful Ragdoll information in addition to our available kittens,. There are also photos of previous Ragdol kittens and testimonials from their owners.


I began my Ragdoll cattery five years ago after having no success at finding local breeders to adopt my own ragdoll kitten. It has been a wonderful journey.  I  LOVE getting photos, and messages from the happy owners of my Ragdoll cats. It brings such joy to know that they are very much loved and that their owners are "over the moon" happy with their sweet new kitten. 

My TICA registered cattery is dedicated to breeding ragdoll kittens that are healthy beautiful, and have great temperaments.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, especially if you are interested in adopting a new Ragdoll kitten!

Thanks for visiting! :)

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